Meet the Council

MAD NYI Council 2019-2020

*Indicates an Executive Council Member

*President – Derek Parson, Laurel, DE,

*Vice-President — Kevin Liddle, Hagerstown, MD,

*Secretary – Jesse Happel, Ellicott City, MD,

*Treasurer – Melissa Moser Baltimore, MD Dundalk,


 Age Group Representatives: 7th – 9th Grades – Terms to Expire 2020

Mason Moser, Dundalk, MD

Bethany Tymes, Fawn Grove, MD

Age Group Representatives: 10th – 12th Grades – Terms to expire 2020

Lauren Border, New Cumberland, PA

Dulci Moots, Bel Air, MD

Age Group Representatives: College Age — Terms to Expire 2020

Noah Balch, Crofton, MD

Josh Clugston, Gaithersburg, MD


Ministry Team Leaders

Family Camp – Matt Moser, Baltimore, MD Dundalk,

Gregg Alsbrooks, Bel Air, MD,

Festival of Life – Heather Ingram, Bel Air, MD,

Team Day – Jesse Happel, Ellicott City, MD,

Quizzing – James Moots, Bel Air, MD,

*Teen Camp – Kevin Liddle, Hagerstown, MD,

*Youth Equipped to Serve (YES) – Derek Parson, Laurel, DE,

QUEST – Wade Thompson, Hollywood, MD,


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