MAD NYI Presidential Search

Greetings Youth Ministry Peeps across the Mid-Atlantic District!

First, know that this youth ministry work you are doing is vital for the kingdom of Christ. Thank you!

Second, we need your help.  This is the final year of my service as NYI President. It has been an incredible 5 years and I thank God for the opportunity. But the time has come for another leader to rise up.  This is where we need your help.

  1. Pray for the process.
  2. Submit a name by November 27, 2017.

Who can nominate?

Anybody involved in NYI leadership across the Mid-Atlantic District.

What’s the District NYI President do anyway?

Check out the Ministry Plan for those awesome details. The job description starts at line 279.

Who’s qualified to serve as NYI President?

He or she must be a member of a local Church of the Nazarene within the bounds of the district at the time of their election, be active in youth ministry within the district, and be viewed as a leader in personal example and ministry.

How can I nominate somebody?

Please send your nomination to

What happens to the names that are submitted?

Our district NYI Council has selected a nominating committee that will receive the names. This committee is made up of the NYI Executive Council and 2 Lead Pastors, 2 Lay Persons and 2 Students. They will receive the names and after sorting through them will submit recommendations to the NYI Council who will then give their approval to have the names presented for voting at the April 6  2018 NYI Convention.

We appreciate you!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Josh Kleinfeld

Mid-Atlantic NYI President

Stillmeadow Family Ministry Pastor

PS….DON’T FORGET!!!! has info about lots of MAD Stuff coming up!

Hope to see you at TEAM Day or Festival of Life!


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