Nazarene Youth Conference 2023

NYC’23 is happening on July 4th-10th, 2023
in Tampa Bay, Florida!

$1750 Students ($900 due by January 15th, 2022)

$1950 Adult Sponsor ($900 due by January 15th, 2022)

What’s included: Plane tickets, hotel costs, NYC conference fees, meals,
NYC/MAD merchandise, “fun excursion” costs, bus transportation costs


Payment Schedule-
October 1st, 2022 (Minimum $500 deposit due)
January 15th, 2023 (Minimum $900 total due)
May 10th, 2023 (Final Balance is due)

Payments CANNOT be made on the Planning Center registration link above, but there are two payment options you can choose from.

To make a payment now, you can either go to: 
(Please note that there is an added surcharge for credit card processing if you choose that option)


Checks can also be made payable to “MAD NYI” and mailed to 1624 Lynch Road, Baltimore, MD 21222. It would be good to touch base with your youth leader about how they want you to pay and you may want to consider mailing in payments together as a local church.

For more information, visit!

Questions: Contact Pastor Allen Dunlap (

Stay tuned for more important updates as we get closer to NYC23!


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