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What is The Quest?

It is not a conference!
It is not a camp!
You have NEVER attended a youth ministry event like it!

Every moment of The Quest is geared to helping you DISCOVER how to work with and lead others, how to develop your natural leadership skills, and grow a heart for ministry. You will be given objectives to accomplish, puzzles to solve, and challenges to overcome.
The Quest is a weekend focused on developing student leaders across the Eastern Field. Each district gets to send a team of TEN students currently in 9th, 10th, or 11th grades. These students do not have to currently serve in any leadership roles on the district or in their church, but they do need to show leadership abilities or potential.
If you know of such a student, encourage them to fill out an application for The Quest 2020! If YOU are such a student, fill out an application!

Download the PDF below, complete the application, and send it to Wade Thompson by Feb 8, 2020. You may email the completed application to or mail it to Wade at PO Box 801, Hollywood, MD 20636

Our team will be announced at District NYI Convention on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Quest 2020 Application Packet

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