The Purpose of the Mid-Atlantic District Nazarene Youth International (NYI) is to provide a ministry of support, coordination, and guidance to the local youth ministries.  This includes ministries to motivate, equip, and involve young people in and for discipleships, generosity, church growth, mission, and leadership in the Kingdom of God.


You are invited to join MADNYI on Slack, a place to connect with our MAD NYI family, find out the latest MAD NYI news & event information and a place to support each other!

What is Slack? Slack is a communications app focused on messaging and connection. It uses channels to have conversations about specific topics, which we will use to better connect our MAD NYI fam together with! We will be using this Slack to make it easier to find out upcoming NYI event information, a place to ask questions and have conversations about anything and everything MAD NYI!

The whole MAD NYI Council is already connected… we are just waiting on YOU… so come join us today!!
Click on this link to start the process of creating an account: https://join.slack.com/…/zt-uw7fa37r…
After joining, please find the #introductions channel and share a little about yourself!

After that, feel free to join any of the other MAD NYI channels you are interested in!

If you have any questions please let us know!

Mid-Atlantic NYI Events:

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