NYI Calendar

MAD NYI Calendar Dates

November 13th– Youth Leader Cohort 10:00am-12:00pm (Hybrid: Zoom & In-person Grace Pointe)
December 3rd-4th– St. Louis Top Ten Invitational- Romans 1-11
December 3rd-5th– YES (Youth Equipped to Serve) 2021 (Kenbrook Bible Camp)
December 31st- January 2nd- MAD Young Adult Retreat (Roxbury Holiness Camp)

January 8th– Blue Ridge Teen Quiz Tournament in VA- Romans 1-15
January 15th– District NYI Council Meeting 10:00am-2:00pm (District Office)
February 5th– MAD Mix-up Teen Quiz- James
March 5th– District Finals Teen Quizzing- Romans and James
March 18th-19th- District FOL @ Bel Air Church of the Nazarene
April 2nd-3rd– District Mission Advance & NYI Convention
May 19th-22nd- Eastern Field Quiz at ENC
May 27th-30th– Field FOL @ ENC
June 26th-July 2nd- Q2022 at MVNU
June 27th-July 3rd- District Family Camp @ Roxbury Holiness Campground
July 25th-29th- Teen Camp @ Rhodes Grove Campground
December 2nd-4th- PK Retreat (Location TBD)

June 9th-16th- General Assembly & Global NYI Convention (Indianapolis, IN)
July 5th-9th- NYC23 (Tampa Bay, FL)

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